Making Christmas simple.

Enough glasses ? Extra serving bowls ? Spare plates ? Re-using dishes? Rewashing spoons?

For a joyful and relaxing Christmas, we can have your cutlery, your crockery, your serving ware and your glasses ready to unwrap, in one delivery.

Linen, Tables and chairs, just some of the little extras we can bring too!

Set up early with our flexible delivery options.

Making Christmas Simple.

And afterwards, simply box it up.

We collect. We wash. More time for you to relax.

Making Christmas Simple.

See our collection of simple, fresh, white crockery, with complimentary serving ware.

Simply Call or Email to discuss your individual requirements and arrange a quote.

A Stress Free Christmas With Barkers!

Christmas Day, one of the most relaxing days of the year, maybe with family maybe with friends. Feet up, food, drinks, making every minute count, bliss…. THEN, Christmas dinner. Emergency chairs come out, miss matched plates, grandma on a cushion drinking wine from a plastic cup, everybody thinking about avoiding the washing up.

Getting stressed? Just the thought of it!

Here at Barkers we can take all that stress away.

For those hearing about us for the first time, Barkers Catering equipment hire, based in the North West, provide all the quality catering equipment you need for your personal or business needs.

And to top it off, we do all the washing up!

We stock everything from plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses, serving dishes, chairs, tables, linen…. the list goes on.